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Grass-roots sporting clubs and community groups are fundamental to the social fabric we enjoy and love here in Australia. Community organisations, clubs and groups are often the enablers for positive change and healthy, vibrant communities. Grant funding helps to sustain community organisations and develop facilities within local communities – with community grants providing benefit to sport, recreation and community projects – to help enhance their impact within the community.

All levels of government recognise the vital role community grants play for healthier, vibrant, and sustainable communities. Grantwise understand the significance of grants and government funding to provide for community projects and know how important grant funding can be.


Grantwise have an experienced understanding of community grants

Over the years grant funding processes have transformed from simple ‘tick box’ exercises to the need for complex business cases, justifications and data analysis. The very last thing volunteers and organisational leaders have time for is more exhaustive paperwork and seemingly endless essays or data analysis.

With our unique Grant Right Process, Grantwise have the experience to facilitate your grant application for community projects. Go through our Get Ready! Checklist and see if you’re ready to start your community grant application.

Grantwise is here

Securing grant funding for your community project can be daunting. With our unique Grant Right Process, Grantwise can help you send your grant application across the line

The Grantwise Grant Right Process at a glance:

01: Get Ready! Checklist

You’ve reviewed the Grant Right Process information and are ready to start


02: The Essentials

We learn more

03: Develop, Prepare, Package

We write and compile


04: Grant Right

Ready to submit


05: Result

The outcome