Get Ready! Checklist

To ensure your grant application for your community project is in the right shape, have a look at our Grant Right Process to understand how it all works. Feeling confident? Complete the Get Ready! Checklist now to send your community grant project across the line.

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The Checklist

There are seven (7) items.

Item 1: Are you eligible?

First things first, are you eligible to apply for funding? This may seem like a simple question however every grant is different and it is important to know if you and your project meet the eligibility criteria of the funding program. A review of the program guidelines will ensure you are not wasting your time preparing an application for a grant that you can not win.

Item 2: Do you have the land or asset owner's consent?

Before you can seek funding to undertake a project you must have land or asset owner’s consent. This will avoid potential delays should your application be successful or legal action should you undertake the project without consent. Grant administrators typically require a letter of support from the land or asset owner.

Item 3: Does your project require development approval?

Depending on the location and scope of your project, you may be required to obtain development approval before commencing. Some grant administrators require evidence of development approval to be submitted with the application while others allow for you to obtain development approval after submitting an application. Grant administrators typically require a letter from your local Council if development approval is required.

Item 4: Do you have quotations or cost estimates?

It is essential that your project is supported by quotations or cost estimates (from a Quantity Surveyor) to ensure that your project can be delivered for the amount of funding sought. This will avoid you needing to seek additional funding down the track, or even worse, handing unspent funds back.

Item 5: Do you have a design or other illustrative material?

As the saying goes: a picture is worth 1,000 words. However for grant applications, a picture is worth 0 words and this is invaluable when communicating the project within strictly imposed word limits. Project designs, diagrams, infographics, or supporting illustrations such as sketches (for smaller, less complex projects) and contextual photos give the grant administrator a better understanding of the project and demonstrates that your project has developed beyond ‘a great idea’.

Item 6: Do you have letters of support?

Letters of support are a great way to show that your project is permitted and meets the needs of key stakeholders such as land and asset owners, service providers, members of parliament, associations and groups. A letter of support should specifically identify how the project addresses the needs of the person, organisation or group.

Item 7: Is all of your funding confirmed?

If you are required to provide a co-contribution it is essential that all funding sources are confirmed in writing. This may be a letter, a bank statement or if funding is being leveraged from another grant, a funding agreement. The important thing is that you provide enough evidence to satisfy the grant administrator that you have adequate funding to complete the project.

Anything else you would like to add?

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After you submit, one of our Community Grant Consultants will be in touch to let you know how we can make your community grant application Grant Right!