How we do it

To facilitate a smooth process for your grant application and a positive outcome for your community project, Grantwise has developed a unique Grant Right Process to help you.


Step one: Get Ready! Checklist

See the information on grant assessment (below on this page) and complete our quick Get Ready! Checklist to show that your grant application for your community project is on the way to being Grant Right.


Step two: The Essentials

One of our Community Grant Consultants will contact you to learn more about your project. Further research or investigation may be required!


Step three: Develop, Prepare and Package

Grantwise will develop your application and put everything you need together. Our specialised Community Grant Consultants will create any missing collateral. Writing for grant applications might include:

  • The Grant Application
  • Letters of support
  • Business cases
  • Project Management Plans
  • Project Budgets
  • Benefit Cost Analysis


Step four: Your Grant Right submission

Now that everything is right with the grant application for your community project, Grantwise hands it over to you for submission!


Step five: Result

If your application is successful, Grantwise will invoice you the amount owing. That simple!


Go to step one: Get Ready! Checklist and start your Grant Right Process now


Grantwise will help you prepare a successful community grant application for your projects

Grantwise have the grant assessment experience to determine whether your organisation is eligible to apply for grant funding and also whether your project will meet the criteria of the grant’s funding program.

Generally speaking, community grants are provided by government bodies and organisations to action their policy for a determined outcome – for example, a new recreational structure or for regional improvement or development.

It is important to assess the appropriateness of the grant you are applying for. Usually a specific need will have been identified and a grant fund developed around that need. This is why community grants are allocated for specific projects, rather than as general funding for a community group. There may also be a submission deadline date to consider.

It is also important to understand that to ensure the success of your project, your organisation, club or community group may be reviewed and its health assessed. Essentials that may impact your grant application and grant assessment are: organisational structure, management, budget handling, tax status, ethical impact, achievements to date, ongoing reporting and project upkeep (if any).

To learn more about the experienced Community Grant Consultants who will be writing for your grant applications see Who we are


Each grant application will have a unique set of criteria

We know the jargon, will find the right words, use appropriate tone of voice and language, and ensure your application aligns with the grant criteria.

Writing for grant applications is a specialised skill. We will describe the strengths and assets of your community organisation or group, demonstrate that your application meets the criteria of the grant and addresses the needs and aspirations identified for the project.

What to consider:

  • The grant application guidelines and criteria
  • The funding body’s values – do they align with yours
  • The achievable objectives
  • Why the project is important to the community
  • Who will be involved in the project
  • The timeline and sustainability
  • Other supporting information
  • Any submission deadlines

For your organisational assessment:

  • Legal or trading information
  • Contact details
  • Financial information
  • Organisational background
  • Membership
  • Previous grant wins
  • Basic community profile information
  • Demonstrated community support
  • Insurances or Certificates of Currency